V-SOFT Data Migration Services helps companies transition from legacy platform to the latest technology.

Data Migration Services team has the experience, proven methodologies, and tools to drive successful migration at scale.
We provide migration services for wide range of products after detailed requirement assessment.

Adopting a new platform can enable new features, performance enhancement, availability and stability improvement. However, moving from a legacy platform can be a daunting challenge, dealing with risks for financial and business operations. V-SOFT is the migration partner you can trust, who can not only get the job done, but also provide professional advice, working with you to ensure your operational and business requirements can be satisfied. V-SOFT, We Solve!


  • Controller-based migration – Capable to perform migration via Hitachi Vantara UVM (Universal Volume Manager), IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC), migrate data off from variety of certified vendors like Dell EMC CX, DMX, V-MAX, IBM DS Series, XIV, V7000, HPE EVA Series, XP Series.
  • On-Host volume based migration – Windows Volume Manager, Linux Logical Volume Manager (LVM), Multiple Devices (MD), Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM), Solaris ZFS, UFS,
  • File Services Migration – For Hitachi Vantara Unified File Modules, BlueArc NAS, NetApp 7-Mode Filer, NetApp vFiler, Dell EMC ISILON. Windows file server, Windows DFS, Linux Samba.
  • Hypervisor specific migration – VMware Storage V-Motion, Hyper-V Storage Live Migration, Oracle LDOM Migrations.
  • Full Assessment and Migration – a bundled custom service, V-SOFT and partners convert existing data into new platform.

We work closely with you to help identify, group, and efficiently migrate your application and services with minimal disruption and cost effectively to your ongoing operations.