What We Do?



V-SOFT providing a wide range of services in and around IT solution. We pride ourselves in being experts on the storage & infrastructure solution in general. We and our strategic partner certainly provide customer a satisfaction service.


We help projects success especially in IT infrastructure environment and system integration. Provide suitable cloud solution to customer which meet their need and flexibility. Transform enterprise to as a service platform.

We work with clients from different industries, banking and finance, public utilities, airways, public transportation and government. We know how we solve your question and provide best solution by our expertise on different industries.

Who we are?

V-SOFT is a company providing professional services of Information System consultation. We partner with organizations to develop technical strategies and solutions that deliver tangible business value by resolving business challenges. Company was founded in 2016 by two solution architects who have been working in Information Technology field for more than 10 years. We were based in Hong Kong and experienced to work closely with other countries like Japan, Singapore, United Kingdom, German, etc.




What is our Vision and Mission?

Energetic: “Stay hungry, Stay foolish”. Be proactive for continuous development
Portfolio: Bring to the world a quality I.T. services that anticipate and fulfill people’s desires
Partnership: Become one of the gear within the industry to collaborate with others to realize a shared goals.
Customer: Create long-term, trust worthy relationship and overcome challenges from the changing world
Productivity: Be a effective and efficient, fast-moving company.
Quality: Invention driven by technology and collaboration.